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 Acrylic Coral Propagation or Frag Tank   Tru Vu

What is Coral Propagation?

Coral propagation refers to the reproduction of coral and is often accomplished by marine aquarists through a process called fragmentation or, as it is commonly called, “fragging.”

Fragging coral is remarkably simple and is becoming more popular among reef aquarists. Fragging allows people to share or sell “frags” of their corals with friends and other aquarists, while keeping the “mother colony.”


What is a Frag Tank?

A frag tank has a few qualities that differ from a typical reef aquarium. Frag tanks should be shallow to maximize the efficiency of lights and pumps. A good height range is 8 to 12 inches. Frag tanks that are dedicated to strictly SPS corals can even get away with 6 inches. If the frag tank will house a mixture of coral frags with different lighting requirements then it’s best to go with 12 inches.

High flow is very important to a frag tank because newly trimmed frags will require high flow to prevent infection. Furthermore, frag tanks are heavily fed to increase growth rates and good flow will help minimize settling detritus. Like a display aquarium, it is important that water flow is random and multidirectional.

Coral Reef Display Flat Features

  • TRUVU aquariums are constructed with the highest grade cell cast acrylic.
  • All tanks come with a built-in overflow box and 1-inch bulkhead drain hole for gravity feed to wet/dry filter or sump.
  • Tanks are clear all around
  • All tanks have a 4-inch lip around the top and extra large opening.
  • Tanks range from 60 to 318 gallons and are 75 to 250lbs.
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